In this gitbook, I've tried to talk about Bitcoin in an attempt to understand the underlying technology and architecture of the cryptocurrency myself and for anyone who is looking to understand it on a deeper substrate. It may not be a very well written and self-explaining thing, so please stick around with patience and help me improve the chapters if you have started reading.

Although all the content is inspired from the following sources:

But, as I am writing these articles while going through the above sources, the interpretations are my own and written in a way that I found easiest to understand.

Using the book

To navigate, you can use arrow keys, or simply click on the ☰ icon on the top left and navigate via the side-bar on the left. The book is divided into chapters and sub-chapters. Click on a chapter to expand it and view its sub-chapters. You can also search throughout this book using the search bar at the top of the side-bar. Please let me know if you find any errors in the book or want to add something that seems to be missing. There is a bug in the mathjax plugin on gitbook, so if the mathematical equations are not loading correctly, or something feels weird in the definitions of functions and mathematical concepts, please reload the page. That should work.

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